Sheffield “Star” Newspaper Publicity – September 1980

Sadly, F/O Malcolm Ravenhill had the distinction as being one of the only Battle of Britain pilots to have an unmarked grave.

Following publication of the first volume of “The Battle of Britain Then and Now”, this issue was highlighted. Subsequent publicity appeared in the Sheffield “Star” newspaper. Three local gentlemen: Bob Burkinshaw, Fred Marshall and Ken Parkin, together with the help of Andrew Darling from “The Star”, kindly paid for a new grave marker, and for the whole grave to be cleaned.

Some years ago, after reading about this in the aforementioned book, I visited the grave at Sheffield’s City Road Cemetery with my Mother and Father. We were so pleased to see the marker, with it’s lovely inscription, added to the family grave.

It goes without saying that I am indebted to the Sheffield “Star” newspaper, Mr Burkinshaw, Mr Marshall, Mr Parkin and of course, Mr Ramsey for highlighting the issue within the first edition of his brilliant book. Your acts of kindness will never be forgotten.

I contacted the Sheffield Star newspaper in 2000 (following creation of my original website) and have learnt that Andrew Darling left some years ago (apparently he now works for Yorkshire Television). I will endeavour to contact all involved with the article below.

In the meantime, if anyone has any information that may help me please contact me.

Article reprinted from “The Battle of Britain Then and Now Mk IV” (Winston G. Ramsey). Kind permission received from the publishers “Battle of Britain Prints International Limited”.

Sheffield Star Publicity 1980