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24 entries.
Sean Edwards wrote on November 25, 2000:
A very nice web site, we must keep their memories alive. They did so much for us..
Malcolm wrote on November 14, 2000:
Thanks Justin, having read through all of the very interesting information on your site, I am sure I will not be alone in being reminded how little detail some of us know about the impact the war had on our our relatives. We should follow your lead and find out more.
Mark Andrew wrote on October 25, 2000:
Justin. Congrats on this wonderful site with such excellemt research carried out and displayed.
I sent you an email about the presentation of a school memorial plaque by the Battle of Britain Historical Society before I was able to read your research and only wish I had found out about you sooner

Looking forward to hearing from you

Doug Tidy wrote on October 14, 2000:
First-class effort Justin. The confusion about 7 AOS and 1 AOS could be due to the handwriting? Look forward to the new material in due course. Doug